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Animated Banksy #13

ORIGINAL by Banksy

Animated Bansky #1

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Animated Banksy #12

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Cancer - The Forbidden Cures-Documentary

Why Medicine Won’t Allow Cancer to Be Cured

Story at-a-glance

  • A fascinating documentary exposes the corruption of the cancer industry and the extreme measures they will undertake to discredit, imprison, and professionally destroy any physician who treats cancer patients naturally
  • One million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year, and one person of every three will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes; two of every three will die from their cancer within five years
  • The average cancer patient spends $50,000 fighting the disease, making the cancer industry a 50 billion dollar per year industry; the medical monopoly is not motivated to find a cure when treatment it is so lucrative
  • Many natural treatments have been used successfully with cancer, but the treatments are hushed, buried, and kept out of public view with smear campaigns funded by the medical cartel
  • My top 12 cancer prevention strategies are listed, including specific tips for eating, sleeping, exercising and managing stress

I really can’t even describe the way I felt after watching this documentary. 

My grandmother died after developing throat cancer in 2001, and my aunt is a breast cancer survivor (5 years). I went with her while she did her chemotherapy and I held her while she cried over her hair.  Even though she survived, she still can’t do certain things because the chemo has left her with neuropathy in her hands and feet. 

I’m a skeptic (always).. so, as they’re talking about these cures, I’m pausing and googling them. What seriously shocked me was the reviews for vitamin B17 on Amazon. There are people reviewing it and discussing how it cured their cancers. A cure for cancer is sitting on Amazon being reviewed like it’s a mp3 player or gym shoes or book… !! It just blew my mind that it’s in plain sight like that.

I was still skeptical so I asked my friend in med school, who confirmed it all. To be brief, she said "The medical industry is a business." As horrible as I know society is.. it’s still shocking to know that it’s this terrible.

If you have ever been affected by cancer in anyway, please watch this documentary and reblog this for others so that they will know that there are other options out there!

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The GQ Spring 2013 Fashion Preview

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